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Gas oil is also known as heating oil. Other names it is often given includes, Red, Heating oil, Generator fuel, Tractor fuel, Cherry gas oil, 35 seconds, Digger fuel and Medium diesel. It is considered cheap to buy, and is chemically similar to white diesel.

You may be considering gas oil because of how versatile it is. Gas oil is used for many different purposes including, industrial heating, diesel vehicles and machinery, marine fuel and for rail locomotives. For this reason, it is a very popular choice. Potteries Fuels is a leading gas supplier for domestic and commercial fuel use. We are based in Staffordshire, but can deliver any size of order across the UK. No order is too small or too large for us!

When you order your gas oil from us, you can expect a first class and easy service. From the moment you contact us you will find our friendly representatives able to guide and advise you on how to use your gas oil, where to store it, and how to ensure it remains safe. We can provide a competitive and reasonable quote and on acceptance, you can then order quickly and easily over the phone or online, paying by card or cheque - the choice is up to you.

24 hour emergency service 

We can provide a 24 hour emergency service if you need your gas oil quantities quickly, wherever you need it. We can also provide technical help and will deliver quickly to your home or place of business. Our drivers are trained and friendly, able to move the gas barrels to wherever you need them to be.

Contact us today to receive a quick quote on your gas needs and the professional and expert service you expect from one of the leading gas suppliers in the UK.

All of our Gas Oil is available across the Uk, in locations such as Ashbourne, Cheshire, Congleton, Crewe, Derby, Macclesfield and Stoke on Trent.

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