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Fuel cards are like credit cards, where you use the card to purchase fuel such as petrol, diesel, and other types of fuels. There are many benefits to using fuel cards, including the security you get from using the card. You don't need to carry around any cash and you have no fuel receipts to process either. There is one, single invoice at the end of the month and you can use them anywhere across the UK and there are even fuel cards which can be sued in European countries.

Potteries Fuels nationwide fuel cards are a cost effective and simple way of buying fuel, where you or your business regularly need to purchase fuel. There is no fuss and no hassle - simply pay using your fuel card. You don't need to be buying huge quantities of fuel, either. You may just have a single van which you need to fill, or you may have a whole fleet of vehicles that travel across the country.

To get your fuel card, simply contact us today. By calling us you will speak to one of our friendly team members who can explain to you how to use your fuel card and the many benefits of it. We can also guide and advise you on other aspects of your fuel needs, such as which is the best fuel to use for your vehicles and how to get the most competitively priced fuels.

Working together, we can get the best fuel for your needs and keep you on the road. As one of the leading fuel suppliers in the UK, you can count on us whatever your fuel requirement may be.

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