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At Potteries Fuels we specialise in anything fuel related. We can provide you with domestic oil, commercial heating fuel, diesel, gas oil, lubricants and fuel cards. We also supply tanks and accessories for the safe storage of your fuel.
Tanks and accessories are necessary to ensure your fuel stays secure. It is very important to store your fuels securely so that they stay in optimum condition for when you come round to using them, as well as needing to keep them safe because many are highly flammable and dangerous liquids if not handle correctly.

All of our tanks are made with durable and high quality materials to keep your oil at its best. No matter what time of the year it is, our oil barrels and tanks will keep your oil safe. Because storage of fuels is so important, we can even provide you with the latest advice and guidance on where best to keep your oil, at what temperature, how, when and where to use it, and what type of fuel should suit your needs. This first class service and technical expertise will enable you to buy and store the most efficient fuels for your needs.

With vast experience in this field, we can provide a service that meets and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today for a free and no obligation quote on tanks and fuel accessories, and if required we can also negotiate prices for your fuel that are more competitive than your existing supplier. However large or small your order may be, whether a long term requirement or a one off fuel need, we will endeavour to fulfil all fuel requirements whether domestic or commercial.

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